Non-Resident Membership

Non-resident membership application process


Applying for Non-Resident Membership:

Our membership application process is structured to enable the community and the applicant to explore the possibility of living in community together. It provides the applicant with the opportunity to experience community life and gives community members a chance to get to know the applicant. Although not all applicants become members, it is our hope that all applicants will become friends of the community.


Non-Resident Associate Member application process:

Visit Heathcote

Anyone who is interested in applying for associate membership should visit the site, preferably during a Community Day.


Learn More About Community Day




Submit a request for an associate membership application. Return the application with a $50 application fee at time of submission. A liaison will serve as an applicant’s contact person during the membership process. After reviewing the application, the applicant may be invited to an interview.



An interview will be held to discuss the application. The applicant will be notified by the liaison if the application was accepted. When appearing to an interview, please bring copies of a printed resume to facilitate the interview process.



Make a 7-day visit

Applicants are asked to spend 7 days on-site a as part of the mutual evaluation process. In order for an applicant’s time at Heathcote to count as a “day”, the applicant must spend at least three hours at Heathcote. The 7 days can be divided in any agreed to manner, but they must be completed within 6 months. During the 7-day visit, the applicant will bring their own food. Suggested donation is $50/day or 2 hours of labor per day.


Post-visit interview

After the applicant has completed their 7 days of visiting, they are invited to a Clearness Meeting to help both make a final decision on non-resident associate membership.




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