Policies and procedures

No smoking, candles, incense or smudge in buildings.

Familiarize yourself with the location of the fire escape ladders and fire extinguishers in the Bunk Room and Conference Room.

Heathcote includes 37 acres on the Mill side of the road and the land around Polaris. Please stay on Heathcote land. If you do run into a neighbor, please say hello and identify yourself as a person staying at Heathcote.

Please conserve water in the bathrooms. Flush only when necessary. Conserve water when you do the dishes.

The mill has a septic system. Don’t put tampons down the toilet. Don’t use the shampoos or soaps that belong to community members.

Organic waste is composted. A plastic bucket is under the sink in the kitchen for this purpose. Recycle plastic, paper, glass, and metal. Don’t leave any food out at night because it will attract rodents.

Our kitchen is considered vegetarian, with occasional fish. Do not cook or store red meat or poultry at Heathcote without agreement from housemates.

Nudity is not permitted. You must always be clothed when in sight of the county road.

Be aware that there are mud wasps, and sometimes yellow jackets, in the Mill and around the property. Check your clothes and bedding for these guys if left in a generally unaccessed area. They will generally leave you alone as long as you don’t antagonize them. There is a first aid kit in the Mill with homeopathic remedies and other medications for yellow jacket stings.

For your own protection, we recommend that you wear shoes or slippers. There may be broken glass and other hazards. You may get splinters from the wooden floors.

Poison ivy and deer ticks are on our property. Ticks may carry Lyme disease. Please check yourself for ticks after walking in the woods or tall grass.

Please do not smoke in or around any of the buildings. Ask a member where the designated smoking areas are.

Heathcote Community requests that you not use drugs or alcohol on Heathcote land.