Visitor Day

Visitor Day Tours and

If you would like to get to know Heathcote a little better, why not pay us a visit? Visitor Days provide structured and planned opportunities to get to know the Heathcote’s forested rural property by taking a tour, asking questions of a host member of Heathcote, lending a hand at tasks or participating in learning experiences.

Visitor Days in 2023 will be scheduled every third Sunday each month, except for January and February, when due to weather and seasonal accessibility problems, we are scheduling Virtual Visitor Days. Arrival is usually around 1pm. Tours and activities can last 2-3 hours.


This is a free event and we happily accept donations to support our work.

  • Community tour: Suggested sliding scale donation: $5-$10 per person.
  • Food: We will provide a vegetarian snack.
  • Lodging:  Please let us know if you’re coming from a distance and need to place to stay.  The suggested donation for overnight lodging is $25-$50/night.

Things to bring to Visitor Day might include:

  • Work clothes that can get dirty
  • Gloves (though we also have gloves on-hand upon request)
  • Weather appropriate clothing (rain gear, coats)
  • Sun protection
  • Flashlight
  • Bug protection

Important Policies:

  • Do not bring dogs or cats with you on your visit.
  • Heathcote is a smoking-free environment. Please use designated smoking areas. Ask a your host where those areas are.
  • Visitor Days are family-friendly events. Please don’t bring drugs or alcohol.


We also request that you review our complete list of policies before you come.

Please RSVP to attend a Visitor Day. Requests to visit can be sent to or by way of our contact form:


Advisement: There are deer ticks in our woods and it is best to check yourself for ticks shortly after your departure.  Some visitors opt to apply a tick repellent such as pyrethrum prior to their arrival.