Activity Center

Heathcote Educational Activity Center

The Heathcote mill seen from Heathcote Road

The Heathcote Mill building from Heathcote Road

Heathcote aims to expand resident and community activity at its sustainable living center through urban and rural initiatives, outdoor activities, and renovation of the old mill into a new education center.

Major focus areas for Heathcote will include hosting garden-inspired community development and integration initiatives, arts and crafts activities and internships, and a retreat space for visitors.


Heathcote Mill

Construction at the Heathcote mill site began in 1842, shortly after completion of the North Central Railroad. One of the first lines in the United States, the railroad connected Freeland with Baltimore to the south and Harrisburg’s industrial center in Pennsylvania to the north.

Creek just downstream from Heathcote Mill
This flowing stream once fed the Heathcote mill and still runs though our center

The Heathcote grist mill was one of Freeland’s many water mills among numerous processing industries, including lumber as well as grain. Heathcote’s mill ceased production in the 1920s, following the concentration of grain milling in Baltimore’s larger, steam-powered mills and the introduction of rural electrification in the early 20th century.

The site was revived as the program center for School of Living in the late 1960’s, eventually becoming the activity and conference center for the Heathcote Community.


Heathcote mill and spring house

The Heathcote Mill building and SpringHouse, situated along the path of the watercourse that runs through the center of Heathcote


Your Donations are Welcome

Donations are welcome to help us to restore the old mill building and revive the indoor Heathcote Education Center with new activities.



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