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Our Journey and Destination

Our Little House

The School of Living was started by Dr. Ralph Borsodi in the depths of the Great Depression of the 1930s. Mildren Loomis, “the grandmother of the counter-culture”, established Heathcote as School of Living’s national headquarters in the 1960s.

School of Living is now a 501(c)3 nonprofit property holding and educational organization that holds land in trust for present and future generations. The Heathcote Education Center is a sponsored entity of School of Living, now focused on enjoyable and inclusive activities for ourselves and neighbors. 

Our Activity Center

The Heathcote Mill was constructed in 1842 by Thomas Wantland as a grist or grain mill. It was purchased in 1862 by Martin Heathcote, giving this historic building its name. During 2023, the mill is undergoing reconstruction to serve as an in-door activity center and informal education classroom.

This year, we will be conducting a series of fun outdoor activities for residents and non-residents, including arts and crafts, social activities, gardening workshops, and more. But we still need your help to complete our indoor space for visitors and neighbors. You can help.


Since the 1960s, Heathcote has been a member and donor supported organization with a 44-acre center. The center includes three residential areas. Member residents have full access to the site. Non-resident member benefits can include community garden space, project participation, and social gatherings.

Residents have a choice of three residential spaces, including our strawbale house, Polaris, where purchase as well as rental is available, and the FarmHouse, which currently has an other-abled resident.

Fun Activities for 2023

Our activities

We schedule workshops and activities centered around health and nutrition, garden projects, arts and crafts, forest walks, games, parties, social gatherings, and group meals. The Heathcote Education Center, a fiscally-sponsored project of the School of Living, helps our community of mature other-abled residents to maintain connectedness to the larger society through participatory active learning.

Our 2023 schedule has not been set. Check our calendar below for upcoming offerings.


Our community day

Heathcote sponsors child-friendly day events and always needs help. Work days and tours of the property are scheduled throughout 2023, in March through December. Use our community day contact form to learn about availabilities and activities.

The volunteer work is needed, and the activities are meant to be enjoyable, but the visit and events are just an excuse to reach out and meet our neighbors, let you meet us, introduce our activities and education center, and participate in our community.


Our land

We have 44 acres of forest, stream, and garden land. Accessible all year long, take a walk in nature, sit by the running stream that feeds Bee Tree Run, or tend the garden plot you have planted and will harvest. We have several organic vegetable, herb, and flower gardens; hiking trails; and stream-side hammocks. Heathcote is a drug-free and smoke-free community.

Residency homes are in secluded forest areas, safe for children and pets, highway-close for commuters. Events in 2023 will be outdoor activities for people of all ages.


For more about the calendar of upcoming workshops and events: See our Facebook and Instagram pages linked at the icons at the bottom of the page.

Upcoming events:

News at Heathcote:

The New Heathcote Educational Activity Center

Heathcote aims to expand resident and community activity at its sustainable living center through urban and rural initiatives, outdoor activities, and renovation of the old mill into a new education center.

Major focus areas for Heathcote will include hosting garden-inspired community development and integration initiatives, arts and crafts activities and internships, and a retreat space for visitors.