Partners and Projects

Heathcote partners with private individuals and local organizations to achieve common goals. Past and current joint project include work with agro-ecology, hosting retreats or partner workshops, environmental monitoring projects, and education.


PASA Alley Cropping Project:

Partnered with CHEARS and Many Streams Farm (MSF)

This CHEARS project will implement, model, and measure the impact of two Project draw-down solutions: Tree Intercropping/alley cropping and fostering a Plant Based Diet.



CHIO-SQ Seed Saving Project:

open seed quest project banner

Partnered with CHEARS (Chesapeake Education, Arts, Research Society)

Seed Quest is a co-learning and citizen science initiative to help foster seed literacy. Seeds help in propagating and growing native plants. Goals are saving open pollinated seeds and establishing one or more seed exchange libraries. This will help provide a source of locally adapted seed and promote local food security. Volunteers wanted. Contact Maggie Cahalan at CHEARS:



Chesapeake Climate Countdown Citizen Science (CCCCS) Project

Partners: CHEARS, Many Streams Farm (MSF), STEAM Onward

Through a Community Engagement Mini-Grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust, CCCCS partners with Heathcote Education Center and other local nonprofits in demonstrating sustainable agriculture low-impact practices. These practices foster watershed health and support the Great Food Transition in this decade.

Volunteers are needed to take the water quality measures and to work on designing and implementing an edible riparian buffer supporting the Heathcote Community Farm’s program of growing and modeling the impact of growing healthy food on marginal lands. Contact Maggie Cahalan at CHEARS:

The project partners are planning a series of webinars. Contact Maggie Cahalan for details.




Partnered with ‘Where’s Your Tree?’, an advocate and partner for restorative, urban green initiatives.

Journeywomxn Project

The JourneyWomxn Fund/Caregivers Program Retreats (CPR) is an outreach initiative of partnering with Heathcote to provide space for 1 or 2 participants at a time. Participants attend retreats in safe, rural settings without cost. Retreats are open to mid-, and late-career BIPOC womxn who are Newark residents and caregivers also bridging lives as artists, food growers, healers, and juggling responsibilities that compete with realizing creative, personal goals. Program reopens in 2023.


Contact: Karen at



Healing Roots & Branches Project

Partnered with African Diaspora Coalition

Heathcote hopes to become a grow site where medicinal herbs harvested will be made into medicines for distressed communities.

Contacts: Karen at & Yasmeen at


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