Our workshops are held throughout the year on a rolling basis according to interest and teacher availability. Dates are announced on our calendar, by social media, and posted here. During the winter months of January and February, the center is usually closed for public events. Due to limits now imposed by Baltimore County, we are now limited to presenting 10 live workshops per year, allowing 1 per month; Outside groups may contact us about hosting their own workshops at Heathcote, but we can only offer this on a space-available basis within on our schedule limits.


There are no workshops currently scheduled.


The costs for workshops are all by heart donation. Suggested donation is $25-$75 per workshop unless otherwise stated. RSVP pre-registration is requested for all workshops.


Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation

Discover another delicious, enjoyable, and potentially profitable use of forested space, as well as of shady urban and suburban locations. Learn the history and benefits of shiitake mushrooms through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on participation in their cultivation. Workshop is three hours.

Past Instructor: Matt Belmont



Sustainable Gardening for Marginal Sites

Join micro-farmers, homesteaders, and small-plot growers in this hands-on, skill-building immersion into growing without large plots, heavy equipment, or ideal site conditions. Participate in techniques suited to small, steep, or wet sites that may have less-then-ideal soil conditions and limited direct sunlight. Through lecture and demonstration, you’ll see how to create productive sites that minimize negative ecological impacts. Let’s avoid undue stress on our bodies, budgets, or schedules while making the cultivation of food and food autonomy a fun and satisfying experience.

Past Instructor: Matt Belmont


Ecological Forest Management & Appreciation

Forest managers and growers can increase the ecological health, the productivity, the accessibility, the appearance, and the value of their forest spaces by mitigating invasive species, pathogens, and climate change effects. Take a lecture tour of Heathcote’s forest-area. Participate in the use of techniques and tools to approach forest management from a well-rounded perspective to better achieve your forest management goals.


Yoga for Gardeners

Farming or gardening need not stress our bodies and minds. If it does, there are remedies ready at hand. Matt Belmont offers yoga and pranayama instruction, with field self-maintenance tips and strategies. Strengthen the emotional and metaphysical core along with the physical one for the perseverance, endurance, and healthful longevity necessary pursue intensive small-scale agriculture.

“As an experienced small-scale grower and certified yoga-instructor, I can share the practices that have enabled me to continue my occupation and lifestyle to a fairly advanced age without significant physical and mental, stress impacts.” –Matt Belmont


Past Workshops

In the past, Heathcote has presented workshops in personal well-being, site management, natural building, gardening, and more! Re-zoning and new site use requirements have severely restricted the workshops and courses we now can offer. Gifts in kind and donations of money and time can help to restore Heathcote’s long tradition of educational offerings. Some of our past offerings are listed below. Consider helping us to restore the tradition.


consider a donation to Heathcote


Integrative Breathing, with Carol Seddon (2004)

Stream Restoration, with Deborah Slawson (2004)

Natural Building:  Hands-On Plaster Making, with Greg Newswanger and Juji Woodring (2004)

Introduction to Permaculture, with Karen Stupski (2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)

Solar Energy Presentation, with the School of Living (2005)

Natural Building, with Greg Newswanger and Juji Woodring (2005)

The Framing Square, with Bob Geissel (2005)

Writing workshop, with Erica Wheeler (2005)

Birthways, with Juji Woodring (2006)

Strawbale Construction, with Sigi Koko (2006)

Re-Evaluation Counseling, with John Fox (2006)

Earthen Plaster, with Sigi Koko (2006)

Lime Plaster, with Sigi Koko (2006)

Cob and Earthen Plaster, with Sigi Koko (2006)

Spirituality, with Margit Voell (2007)

Zegg Forum, with Sarah Taub and Michael Rios (2007)

Introduction to Zegg Forum, with Teryani Riggs (2007)

Zegg Forum Facilitator Training, with Teryani Riggs (2007, 2008)

Community Land Trust, with David Harper (2008)

Bowl Turning, with Bob Geissel (2008)

Tie-Dye, with Carol Seddon (2008)

Introduction to Heart of Now, with Debby Sugarman (2009)

Cob, with Sigi Koko (2009)

Experiential presentation, with Jean Forsberg (2009)

Community Work Action Week, with Teryani Riggs (2009)

Facilitation, with Laird Schaub (2009)

Introduction to the Art of Facilitation, with Laird Schaub and Ma’ikwe Ludwig (2010)

Facilitation Training Weekend, with Laird Schaub and Ma’ikwe Ludwig  (2010)

Training For Transition, with Shaktari Belew and Mario Yanez (2010)

Social Technologies, with CT Butler and Wren Tuatha (weekly—2011)

White Privilege, with Baltimore Racial Justice Action (2011)

Social Technologies Toolbox Camp, with Wren Tuatha and CT Butler (2011)

Holistic Healing, with Rachel Kriger (2012)

Introduction to School of Living’s Community Land Trust Model, with Herb Goldstein and Karen Stupski (2013)

Nature as Sacred Teacher and Healer, with Mare Cromwell (2014

Environmental Site Design & Other Innovative Ways of Getting the Benefits of Growth While Preserving & Enhancing Aquatic Resource Health,” with Richard Klein (2015)

Biochar, with Dale Hendricks (2015)