Heathcote accepts gifts-in-kind

Make a clean start of the new year. You don’t have to wait until spring to clean some items out of your attic today. Like financial donations, your gifts-in-kind are fully tax-deductible at their fair value.


Your Unwanted Items

gifts in kind box with items

If it’s still good, it doesn’t need to go in the junk pile. Heathcote gladly accepts gifts of new and used furniture, such as desks, refrigerators, weed-whackers, power tools, computers, scanners/printers, and other items that are usable and in good condition. Before you put it in the trash pile or clutter your attic or garage, ask us if we can use it. We’ll let you know if it’s something we need.


Donating Pro Bono and Discounted Services to Heathcote

We accept pledges of trade services, too. Let us know what you wish to offer.


Questions or technical problems? Contact us:

New to Heathcote and want to learn more about who we are? Come to a Visitor Day, usually the third Sunday of the month in March through December. Though January and February pose access difficulties, we may schedule virtual visitor days if there’s interest.